My Summer in a Instagram

Wow it can fassssst here in Florida! One day it was Spring then boom! It's Summer way before the calendar say's so!!!
My week has been ups & downs & testing my emotional fortitude! Some smiles, some tears, some hugs and some fears......

Newest Beach Gypsy Dreams Design.. Going straight to my Sales Rep.

Another New Design!

Sea Turtle Tribute Wrap Bracelet

Day at da Beach Celebrating Nat'l Flip Flop Day!

Stormy looking Summer Florida Weather!

Isn't Canaveral Nat'l Seashore just gorgeous?!! Sigh..

Beautiful Florida Evening Sky!

Tony at Sunrise Bakery!

Me at Cracker Jack's Restaurant on the Indian River!

I picked up a new client who has mid stage Alzheimer's and Dementia. It's a new thing for this client to have a Home Health Aide come in for eight hours a day so it's a challenge at the moment.

It make's me realize that change is inevitable but not always welcome and sometimes can be a messy affair!!!

-On a personal note:
It's such a balancing act lately between being a Carefree Artist & a Responsible (sometimes overly) Home Health Aide juggling different clients w varying personalities & issues and me staying neutral and detached... While also carving out time for my Business, blogging and just every other little thing!

I'm certainly not complaining at all I feel very blessed! I just don't always balance this gracefully!
Like ever!!!!!!

I pray, ask for guidance & take extra Vitamin B Complex! My meditation time I'm trying to stay constant with! Also I'm trying to do lots of water, rest & old movies!!!

Aren't we all just A WoRk in PrOgReSs!!!!!

This weekend brings:
-Homemade Organic Lemon Icee's
-Fun Summer Movie Date
-Magnum PI Netflix Marathon
-Tony's homemade Organic Guacamole Dip
-Evening River Walks with the Doggies
-Wearing my new Summer PJ's
-Summer Novel Reading till the wee hours on my Kindle
-Lots of Worky Worky Worky
-Playing with new jewelry making supplies with a Beach Vibe (hint hint!)
-Catching up on all the yummy Blogs I follow on Goggle Reader!

Here's my note to Summer 2012
Dear Summer,
I welcome you with open arms, a open heart & lottsa Sunscreen!


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