Weaving in and out of Sunshine

My Week has been full off:

-Healing a Head Cold
Which included:
Lot's of orange emergence drink,
oregano oil, acidophilus as well as extra vitamins.

-Creating Religious Medal Tribute Charm Necklaces
What's that about? Not sure i guess i'm channeling my Jewish Ancestry as well as my Catholic upbringing! Maybe?!!

-Watching UFO Documentaries
Hubby got me re-started on this! It's thought provoking and I feel like why wouldn't God create more then just us humans?
If the Catholic (there I go again!) Church can come out and admit it is a possibility then why not? After all they don't just change their stance on issues willy nilly!

-Dodging bad storms on the hi-way
Wow it's been Hard & Heavy Florida Blinding Rainfall at times! But man the pics you can get! I know, what while your driving? Remember going sloooow!

-Resting lots
Took off day from work due to above head cold & rested a few days straight. One thing I have no guilt over is staying in bed resting when I need it, the world will keep on spinning without me for a few days!!

-Re-Watching How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Netflix Streaming
Mary Blair of It's a Small World Fame did the sets on this movie! It's so colorful & fun & a great pick me up! Luv this movie!

-Finally trotted down to Canaveral National Seashore and purchased a year pass
It's our go to beach in Titusville and Tville's Crowning Glory besides the 39A aka Launch Pad!!

Can u believe how beautiful the beach is????

Tony enjoying the flat day!

I so missed this beach!!! U can see why!

-Seeing Sunsets on the river while driving home
It is my salve of peace and tranquility. Gorgeous!

I'm so glad this week is over and behind me. The head cold kicked my butt!!

I hope YoU had a lovely week and are enjoying your weekend!


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