White Sands Buddhist Temple

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum!! :-)
No more like on a drive out to see where my new client lives....
In a spot called "Hog Valley", outside of Mims!

Anyway on the rural drive out there we passed the White Sands Buddhist Temple! In the middle of nowhere!!

My husband has great interest and has studied Buddhism over the years, so I knew he would enjoy a visit to their spot of Nirvana! As I luv meditation, this was a nice treat for me!

The Monks and Nuns were gracious and sweet. They had strong Vietnamese Accents but spoke English. They let us enjoy their large Compassionate Buddha and meditation nature spots! It was incredible!!

The Temple with one of the Monks

The Meditation Area all the benches say a word, like forgiveness, breathe, Compassion, etc.

Large Bell!!!

Huge Great Compassion Buddha

Lotus Statue

Huge marble piece with Vietnamese Buddhist Saying

Guardian Lion Statue!

Tony with hands in prayer position

Really nice surprise in middle of nowhere!

Funny if you keep your eyes open and your heart it's amazing what you come across!!


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