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Letting GO and Free Falling

Thats me right now, Free Falling and getting the hang of it! The Dealo..... I've been wanting to change somethings in my life (like who doesn't lol) and was having a hard time getting it in motion! Can you relate? Here's how the story goes... I had a client that I was afraid to give up cause the $$ was good.
But it was unhealthy for me to stay on.
I ignored the stress it was causing me, and dilluted myself into thinking hey it's worth it. Then my higher power took over and did for me what I could not do for myself.
It was thru a traumatic situation brought on by my client.
I was finally free of that toxic situation. Awesome, right? Now comes the letting go part.... What was needed was detoxing off that co-dependent situation, and moving into faith that I would find new clients and $$. So I had a week off, went to the beach, prayed, meditated and slept alot. I asked God what am I to do? I'm like freakin. My dream situation...... To find a few clients that would a…

Busy Dog Dayz Of Summer

I'm sure U can relate?! It's getting hot in here and the faster you move the slower you go!! So doing alot of this! Kindle reading! I have two, one for work, one for home! I read alot on my overnite gigs! I favor writers with a Southern or Florida Vibe. Pat Conroy is one of my favorites.
I'm also reading a book on barefoot living lifestyle and how it's best to wear shoes as little as possible!
Which I personally do, but have a thing about going barefoot in public, like being naked to me! Worky Life.... I've been blessed with two clients and lots of hours! Love me some prosperiety!! Isn't this Rose beautiful? It's from one of my clients yards, they grow without any care! Isn't this a gorgeous view? It's our locale park & our bridge *new* that goes from river to the beach... Closer to sunset! Between my work shifts hubby and I went to the park and watched a beauty of a sunset on the Indian River... This is from a few days ag…

Abundance of Warm Tropical Days

Our locale Park
Honestly great summer weather we get in Central Coastal Florida!! Some days with tropical rain, then hot sun, then cloudy goodness... The sunsets are so gorgeous......
I've been blessed with another client this past week. More hours and $$. When i became a Certified HHA {like a CNA} last year and jumped thru all the hoops & schooling i had no idea it would evolve into a new
career as a Home Healthcare Provider... And it would keep me as busy as i want to be! I was just thinking something to supplement my income while i worked on getting my Jewelry & Skincare business going again! Haha best laid plans, blah blah blah!
The instant gratification i recieve for doing my job is amazing! I mean when i go to work i KNOW i'm making a difference, it's very humbling for sure!

I have lots of gratitude this week and am so happy i ordered the cutest most darlin tote from Diane's Dream Designs!!! Totally made my overnite work time more yummy! I was able to …

New Fresh Designs for Summer Bling!

Ahhhhh Summer! My fav time of year! Hot, sticky, buggy and blazing sun! I actually really likey it!

Translate: Movies, frozen Yogurt, Swimming Pools, Kindle, bookstores, Cool Air Conditoning, Crafty fun, museums, Studio time, weekend getaways, flip flops, new swimsuits and more.

You get my drift?

I've been loading up my Sunshine Bliss Shoppe on Etsy
and I hope you don't mind I want to share the latest designs!!

Tribute to St Francis Sari Bangle

Butterfly Fly Away Copper Necklace

Starfish Sea Blue Wrap Sari Bracelet

Sea Turtle Charmer Anklet

Bahamas Blue Sea Glass Necklace

Sunset Sea Glass Turtle Necklace

Beach Glass Yoga Necklace

Pearls at the Beach Necklace

Ocean Friends Totem Necklace

Golden Sea Turtle Dreams Bracelet

Ocean Dreams Necklace

Sea Turtle Lagoon Green Wrap Sari Ribbon

I got a new swimsuit from old Navy (that makes two), ordered more beautiful Sari Silk Ribbon, started on my Bead Soup Focal Piece, and doing some custom designs for clients! And reading lots on my Kindle!

Are you e…

Partner Bead Soup Recipe

Ok you got to see all my goodies that Tammie my Bead Soup Blog partner sent me, now here's what I sent her!

I sent Tammie a Florida Key's Vibe! Lime greens, citrus orange, leaf green, sunny orange! The focal is hand wrapped in copper wire a peacock feather with dyed Howlite orange peace sign dangle, and a copper quartz dangle! Something way off the wall for the focal!!!!
The clasp is a kewl copper leaf toggle! And assorted beads, charms, ribbons, etc!
Here's Tammie's photo below of the mix!

I can't wait too see what she does with the goodies!!!!!!!!! I'm sure her designs will rock out!


Bead Soup Mix

It's that time again for another wonderful Bead Soup Blog Hop Experience! Thanks to Lori Anderson & all her commitment & hardwork on this awesome event that occurs a few times a year!

The Bead Soup Blog Hop is really great way to meet other jewelry artisans & expand your design style!
Your paired up with a partner & send them a kew clasp & focal bead. But most of us have a wonderful stash & send lots of extra's!!
This time around I am partnered with Tammie Everly of TTE Designs! She's a very creative designer & makes amazing Polymer Clay Art Beads & Pendants! You can check out her lovely blog here, she has a Etsy Shoppe here, Tammie's Artfire Shoppe here. She creates beautiful jewelry and has a keen design eye! I luv her polymer designs! Very organic!!

-Soooooo to my total surprise & bead Delite when I opened Tammie's Bead Soup Mix Package I was totally blown away by her generosity, beautiful Clay designs, and color choices!!


Organic Spa Magazine 2012 Annual Skincare Issue

Free to read online!

I luv this Magazine & think you should run right over here and read this Mag with some homemade lemonade, your feet up & a cool breeze blowing on you!


Lavender Dreams Summer Bliss Giveaway!

Don't you just luv luv a great Summer Giveaway!!!
I do!

I really did it this time!! I mean I open a new shop, blog & create lots of new Beach Designs! Phew I'm tired just typing it!

And I put together a fun Summer Bliss Kit for a Giveaway! THEN it gets better, Diane of Diane's Dream Designs added one of her newest designed tote bags! So beautiful and I use tote bags in the summer for purses!!

Here it goes:

Sea Glass Necklace, Sea Turtle Anklet, Sea Glass Soap, Shell Scrub Soap & Diane's Tote

Ok so go and visit Lavender Dreams and join in the fun!