Busy Dog Dayz Of Summer

I'm sure U can relate?! It's getting hot in here and the faster you move the slower you go!!
So doing alot of this! Kindle reading! I have two, one for work, one for home! I read alot on my overnite gigs!

I favor writers with a Southern or Florida Vibe. Pat Conroy is one of my favorites.
I'm also reading a book on barefoot living lifestyle and how it's best to wear shoes as little as possible!
Which I personally do, but have a thing about going barefoot in public, like being naked to me!

Worky Life.... I've been blessed with two clients and lots of hours! Love me some prosperiety!!
Isn't this Rose beautiful? It's from one of my clients yards, they grow without any care!
Isn't this a gorgeous view? It's our locale park & our bridge *new* that goes from river to the beach...
Closer to sunset! Between my work shifts hubby and I went to the park and watched a beauty of a sunset on the Indian River...
This is from a few days ago quite a storm brewing ya think?!
Sunset that nite! Crazy!!!!

I so don't want Summer to pass me by cause I'm caught in heavy work schedule!
Summer of 2012 only coming round once!
I have been checking off my Summer to do list though! And i wanna totally immerse myself in it like a Nestea Plunge!

I so am hoping you are having the Summer of your dreams! And if not get to it! There's still time left! ~Shanti

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