Letting GO and Free Falling

Thats me right now, Free Falling and getting the hang of it!

The Dealo.....

I've been wanting to change somethings in my life (like who doesn't lol) and was having a hard time getting it in motion! Can you relate?

Here's how the story goes...

I had a client that I was afraid to give up cause the $$ was good.
But it was unhealthy for me to stay on.
I ignored the stress it was causing me, and dilluted myself into thinking hey it's worth it.

Then my higher power took over and did for me what I could not do for myself.
It was thru a traumatic situation brought on by my client.
I was finally free of that toxic situation. Awesome, right?

Now comes the letting go part....

What was needed was detoxing off that co-dependent situation, and moving into faith that I would find new clients and $$.

So I had a week off, went to the beach, prayed, meditated and slept alot.

I asked God what am I to do? I'm like freakin.

My dream situation...... To find a few clients that would appreciate my gifts. And I would be able to truly touch their lives.

To get to the dream bridge I started starving my fears and feeding my dreams.


1. I started reading more. Not just Non Fiction but fun summer reads! Great way to keep my brain occupied!

2. Increased dosage of B Vitamins.

3. I started meditating daily.

4. I decide to get rid of my iPhone 4S and my iPad. Another addiction.

5. Treated myself to some new bras & undies. Nothing scandulous, just fresh bright colours that make me smile! Need I say more?

6. Stopped eating chicken, turkey and and working on dairy. Oh Greek yogurt I will miss...

7. Started a at home Yoga Routine.


Signed on with a new Agency and they got me two awesome clients who enjoy my gifts & I get to truly touch their lives.


I work 50 hours a week in three days and make more $$ weekly, I'm feeling healthier, got some new jewelry designs up my sleeve, we're going on a Beach Vacation next week and I weaned myself off of my electronic addiction!

Sounds like free falling into the unknown is not so scary?

What do you think? TY for reading! Luv ~Shanti

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