Summertime Funkitis

I have been so m.i.a. when it comes to my sweet sunny blog! I know in August every year this happens, a trend no doubt!

I tend to get in my annual Summer Funkitis... This year is no different. I slow way down, bury my head in a book, go mall (clearance) shopping & catch up on siesta's... It's just to hot to move somedays... I channel my inner lazy dog,

I guess you could say I get into hibernation mode... This time of year in Florida I call our winter!
I start the Summer Season with all kinds of creative & exciting plans! But by August I'm barely moving! LoL!

What's a grrl to do to get out of a funkitis? Drive 45 minutes for a three day Summer Beach Vacation to Ormond Beach!
Flagler Beach Pier
Yummy Taco Stand in Flagler Beach
Tony with Taco Bliss!
Me enjoying our food Bliss!
Canaveral National Seashore, New Smyrna
Gorgeous Beach Day!
Hmmm yah! Rita's Custard Total Bliss!
Last View of our Hotel Room..... And a few days away of no work and lazy beach dayz is just what we needed!!!
Thats mE minus my Summer Funk! And all we did is take a little drive down the road to Summer Bliss!

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