Time Alone is the best Grrl Time

Do I hear a Amen?!!

My Grrl Time has been sorely lacking!

I'm so busy as of late with work, backed up emails, designs waiting to be photographed, and friends being ignored! But mostly me being neglected!

After some heart to heart with me, I've decided to work on my relationship with me!

The typical awesome caregiver! I'm great at my job of taking care of others like they are my own family, but then I have nothing to give myself after a day of work.

Well all thatz about to change! No more putting me last!

Can you relate?

So I'm going on a date with my fav grrl!

Commited to doing this weekly. Movie, eating out & hang out in the locale B&N. Then maybe some watching the sunset on the river time.......

Do you do this? I've so missed my me time!

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