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Happy Halloweenie 2012


Sassy or Silly Sundae!

New weekly series is it Sassy or Silly???!! What do you think??? My New "Bobs" by Skechers! Metalliac Silver Fabric! Very Sassy or Silly? Just got this also this week of Ebay! Silver Sequin Purse.... See a trend? Sassy or Silly, which? At Epcot this week in Japan Area see the hot pink sequin hat? Sassy is as Sassy does or Silly? NA recovery bling bling necklace! Why not some sassyness in your recovery? Or Silly? I think either way is fantabulous! I need more of both in my life! What about you?

Life In a Instagram

Whewwwww is this month whizzing by??? It's amazing! And I'm so excited it's finally started to get to be our version of Fall here in Central Florida! Finally it's getting cooler out. Ok compared to like 95 degrees that is! We actually have our windows open! And my melancoly baby mood has lifted! I likeluvvvvvvv this time of year! My designs reflect it too! It's nice to wear a light jacket at nite. But really nice too still be able to sit outside & get a tan lol! My drive home from work this week! Pretty Florida Palms and Fall Clouds! A sweet gifty from my bestie! Latest Recovery Designs with bling! Cooler weather chunkier blinger bracelets! Angel Recovery Luv! Says it all don't you think?! Angel Wings Recovery Bling! Fall Toes Florida Style! Three complimentary shades of pearly soft neon via Nicole Polish! NA Symbol with glitter & rhinestones on leather bracelet (13 charm is my years!) Custom Recovery Design, doing lots of them these day…

Nexus 7 Tablet Luv

Ok the jigs up.... I'm a tablet luv'r. It's a romance that started when I spied the first iPad. And it's consumed me ever since! If they had a 12 Step meeting for them I'd be there! Haha! To me they just so make sense to my brain. Compact, Light and easy to use touch screen. And there's all those ever so cute accessories to dress them up! My thing is I purchased a iPad 1 a couple of years ago after iPad 2 came out. I got a very juicy deal at HH Gregg and I really dug it. My iPad Baby was Fun, entertaining, all that music, all those apps, for awhile it was honeymoon bliss.
Then as with all luv affairs the light of reality settled in. And I started seeing the flaws. And of course like any obssession I thought I could Change iPad Baby. But I could not.
And I knew the affair was over. You see the big draw back for me was when I wanted to add new pieces to my Etsy Shoppe I had to use my laptop since the iPad Baby wouldn't let me upload my saved pictures to web…

Organic Spa Fall Free Online Magazine

Kick your shoes off, wiggle your toes, sip some warm chai tea and read the latest edition of Organic Spa Magazine for FREE! Here is the link:enjoy!Ciao Bella!

Cute Custom Hang Tags

I was purusing Etsy for a fresh way to show off my designs via hang tags or charms.
I wasn't feelin the vibe to out lay alot of $ for a pewter or metal stamped custom design charm/tag with my bizz name.
Although I plan on in the future! What I found is a kicky alternative! Engraved custom wood tiny tag/charms! So dang cute and I really think they personalize my bags I put the jewels I design in! Cute right? They were .25 for 100 piece plus shipping from Greece! The Etsy Shop is Greek ArtI think they're fun & cre8tive and from Greece! How kewl is that?
Check out their shoppe! Shanti

M.I.A. Blogger......

Yah hmmm... That would be me! I have to apologize for the lack of September posts! I think that may have been a first in the years I've been posting! Well it was a much needed hiatus! And I'm feeling renewed and revived with a hint, yes only a hint of the Fall Season coming our way! I luv Fall and can't even believe it is already showing up, well at least on the Calender and in the Vibe the retail folk put out!

I have had a whirlwind month! It's been working a more regular forty hour week schedule, going to more recovery meetings, both NA and AA, reading lots and lots and a bit of beach, Studio time and Disney fun! But overall I would have to say my sabbatical was much needed! I started to feel like I had no voice on my blog and was drowning in should and have to's.... Now it's more like I see a bigger vision, purpose and awareness of what the blog may or could represent, one day at a time! But way full of fun, sillyness, and all kinds of good mayhem!
Newest Fa…

DIY Fall Purge

Yah! It's October! Fall is here for most of North America!

I get the urge to purge around this time every year!

And I go thru each closet, room, drawer and cupboard and do just that! Can you relate????
It's like a sanity thing to me.

I don't do well with clutter... I start feeling fuzzy, out of focus, & generally messy in my brain!

I like cleared tables, drawers 1/2 full, closets with lots of room left in them, shelves empty. It really makes me feel free!

 Steps to a Purge Detox

 1. Buy the largest, strongest trash bags.

2. Make sure your vehicle is empty, put seats down,etc

3. Play some great upbeat music. I likey Bob Marley, No Doubt, Abba for this type of task!

4. Start with the easiest space, room, area in your house and have two bags next to you. One for trash, one for donate.

5. Be honest if you have forgotten you even own said item and can't see yourself using it anytime soon donate.

6. If you find items you just can't part with put them in a sepa…