DIY Fall Purge

Yah! It's October! Fall is here for most of North America!

I get the urge to purge around this time every year!

And I go thru each closet, room, drawer and cupboard and do just that! Can you relate????
It's like a sanity thing to me.

I don't do well with clutter... I start feeling fuzzy, out of focus, & generally messy in my brain!

I like cleared tables, drawers 1/2 full, closets with lots of room left in them, shelves empty. It really makes me feel free!

 Steps to a Purge Detox

 1. Buy the largest, strongest trash bags.

2. Make sure your vehicle is empty, put seats down,etc

3. Play some great upbeat music. I likey Bob Marley, No Doubt, Abba for this type of task!

4. Start with the easiest space, room, area in your house and have two bags next to you. One for trash, one for donate.

5. Be honest if you have forgotten you even own said item and can't see yourself using it anytime soon donate.

6. If you find items you just can't part with put them in a separate pile.

7. Throw out any broken, rusted, missing pieces items. Would you want to buy it from a thrift store?

8. Anything you haven't used in the last six months, donate.

9. In the can't part with pile, look thru each item. Can you take a picture of it, replace it easily, or is it time to let go of the past? Photo's, mementos, paperwork can be scanned and put on your computer. Donate 1/2 of your can't part with pile. I know HARD!

10. With Clothing and Accessories timeless fashion pieces rock, think Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe! The black cocktail dress, silver flat sandals, classic Levi jeans, etc. Don't save clothing three sizes smaller or bigger. If you lose the weight you probably will want to buy a few things to celebrate.

11. Cosmetics have short shelf life. As do beauty products. 3-6 months, then pitch.

12. Crafty supplies: Have you ever used it? Do you plan on in the next few months? Would it be better to just focus on two different crafts instead of 9 or 10?!

13. Does your decor still reflect who you are today? Is it time to start with a clean decor palette?

14. Pet toys, accessories: do they still play, use, need said items? If not donate!

15. Books: can you get it on your kindle or nook? Will you really read it? Whens the last time you picked it up?

16. Cleaning Supplies: Are they old? Dried up? You can usually purchase a few cleaning items for all your cleaning needs.

17. Garage or Storage items: do you use it? Need it in the next few months? Forget you had it? Could someone else use it?

18. Kitchen: chipped plates? Glasses missing from full set? Handles lose on pans, items you don't remember why you bought them? Warped cookie sheets? Donate or pitch!

 After a Purge Detox I always recommend a spending hiatus. Re-thinking why you purchase stuff and your needs. See how long you can go without unnecessary purchases (food, paper products, etc not included)!!!

You may find after purging a renewed sense of energy, bounce in your step and general lighter feeling! Even IF only in our heads I think thatz a pretty kewl side effect of Purging!

OK off you go to celebrate Fall and lighten your load!


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