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Whewwwww is this month whizzing by??? It's amazing! And I'm so excited it's finally started to get to be our version of Fall here in Central Florida!

Finally it's getting cooler out. Ok compared to like 95 degrees that is! We actually have our windows open! And my melancoly baby mood has lifted! I likeluvvvvvvv this time of year! My designs reflect it too!

It's nice to wear a light jacket at nite. But really nice too still be able to sit outside & get a tan lol!
My drive home from work this week!
Pretty Florida Palms and Fall Clouds!
A sweet gifty from my bestie!
Latest Recovery Designs with bling!
Cooler weather chunkier blinger bracelets!
Angel Recovery Luv!
Says it all don't you think?!
Angel Wings Recovery Bling!
Fall Toes Florida Style! Three complimentary shades of pearly soft neon via Nicole Polish!
NA Symbol with glitter & rhinestones on leather bracelet (13 charm is my years!)
Custom Recovery Design, doing lots of them these days!

My days are filled with custom jewelry design orders, taking care of elderly folk, going to recovery meetings, watching Leave it to Beaver, sleeping with windows open, wearing more gold and silver bling, helping other recovering peeps, counting my blessings, enjoying lots of coconut scented skincare, and enjoying the change in the weather!

What are your Fall 2012 days like?

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