M.I.A. Blogger......

Yah hmmm... That would be me! I have to apologize for the lack of September posts! I think that may have been a first in the years I've been posting! Well it was a much needed hiatus! And I'm feeling renewed and revived with a hint, yes only a hint of the Fall Season coming our way! I luv Fall and can't even believe it is already showing up, well at least on the Calender and in the Vibe the retail folk put out!

I have had a whirlwind month! It's been working a more regular forty hour week schedule, going to more recovery meetings, both NA and AA, reading lots and lots and a bit of beach, Studio time and Disney fun! But overall I would have to say my sabbatical was much needed! I started to feel like I had no voice on my blog and was drowning in should and have to's.... Now it's more like I see a bigger vision, purpose and awareness of what the blog may or could represent, one day at a time! But way full of fun, sillyness, and all kinds of good mayhem!
Newest Fall Design Angels Wings Dreams Necklace

I Luv Luv that Saying......T
 Tru Dat!!!!
Live the Life!

Feeling the go deeper into my jewelry designing vibe. Learn new stuff and take it to the next level, whatever that means! But also stay with the fun, flowy vibe....with Childlike vision and play... 

My recovery line of jewelry has started really taking off. I have alot of new styles and designs.. Etsy has been keeping me busy inbetween work!
 Yah that to me is Recovery!
Wonder Woman Recovery!

Also on a somber note my yahoo account was hacked like no body's business and some of my pics on this blog were..... well m.i.a.... Not sure if its related, but my flickr account was tied into that email. I have so I quickly updated the blog so the photos are back but I am planning a fun blog design overall soon..... Lot's of Sun, positivity and fun!

Goooood bye long hot steamy Caliente Summer! Hallo Fall breezes, pumpkin latte's, firepits, apple cider and maybe even a light jacket or sweater!

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