Nexus 7 Tablet Luv

Ok the jigs up.... I'm a tablet luv'r. It's a romance that started when I spied the first iPad. And it's consumed me ever since! If they had a 12 Step meeting for them I'd be there! Haha! To me they just so make sense to my brain. Compact, Light and easy to use touch screen. And there's all those ever so cute accessories to dress them up!

My thing is I purchased a iPad 1 a couple of years ago after iPad 2 came out. I got a very juicy deal at HH Gregg and I really dug it. My iPad Baby was Fun, entertaining, all that music, all those apps, for awhile it was honeymoon bliss.
Then as with all luv affairs the light of reality settled in. And I started seeing the flaws. And of course like any obssession I thought I could Change iPad Baby. But I could not.
And I knew the affair was over. You see the big draw back for me was when I wanted to add new pieces to my Etsy Shoppe I had to use my laptop since the iPad Baby wouldn't let me upload my saved pictures to websites. And that was a deal breaker after awhile. Like big time.

I decided to tearfully sell my beloved iPad on Craigslist. It took literally 30 minutes, and a few hours later it was gone bye bye.

Then I started Tablet shopping. I checked out a few android tablets and couldn't find what I was looking for. Either too big, too heavy or too much mula.

Until..... Google announced their Tablet Nexus 7. And I lurked on the sidelines and read lots of articles and Utube Unveilings!

Then Kindle announced a new slew of Tablets and Readers. I was over the moon since I own two different Kindle Readers and read two to three books a week.
I sooo romanced the New Kindle HD Fire. Great price, and nice features. Biggest drawback is that it's limited to the Amazon "eco" system. And since Apple's iPad is also a limited "eco" system I knew I had to keep looking.

The decision was finally made and the Google Nexus 7 it was. We went to Staples in the Orlando area (the locale Staples didn't have any in stock) and checked it out and luv'd it.

It's the same size as a Kindle Fire, 7 inches. Weighs about the same as the Fire and it's way fast! It features google chrome as the web browser and it's integrated with all things google of course. And Android too.

The Google Nexus 7 is seamless, has a gorgeous colored screen that rocks and uploading new photos for my Etsy Shoppe is a breeze!

But it's also a great reader for my Kindle books, fun for games and movies and a nice throw it in my purse size! And priced at $199.00 respectively.

This is the Verso Cover I got from Staples that's leather and looks like a fine, vintage book! Hehe!

My Tablet dating days have ended and it's bliss! If your thinking of going Tablet Shopping totally checkout the Google Nexus 7! -Shanti

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