Holiday Bling DIY

As promised a easy peasy Pre Holiday DIY bit of fun!

This DIY is just a jumping point! You can use your imagination to go as blingy as you likey!

Supplies you'll need:

1. A pair of jeans or jean jacket or shirt! (I use jeans for this DIY)

2. Craft Paint. I used Metalliac Glitter Acrylic Paint. But you can use fabric paint of course.

3. Brushes

4. Cup of water

5. plate to put paint on.

6. Newspaper

7. Optional Glittery Nail Polish.

8. Textile Medium

Wash your item first. Lay out newspaper, open window or do this in well ventilated area.
Mix 3 parts paint with one part textile medium. Put paint on plate, wet brush, dry a bit then dip in paint. I chose to paint the front off my jeans. Waistband and hidden pocket area. I used gold glitter, hologram glitter and silver glitter paints. I mixed up the area's I painted not having a pattern. I also mixed colors together.
You are only limited by your imagination! I've done this one jean jackets and jean shirts looks kewl!

I also used my Sephora by OPI chunky Copper Nail polish for a tiny bit of accent color after steam ironing it.
Wait twenty four hours then heat set. Use rag dipped in white vinegar and place it over painted areas and using the dry setting on your iron.
This will steam the vinegar to set the paint!
I hope this super easy DIY inspires you to create your own Holiday Bling! I can't wait to wear my jeans! -Luv Shanti

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