November Freshest Designs

I've been a bit overwhelmed with Fall this year! Feeling a newfound energy and vitality with the "cooler" weather!

My designs have reflected that me thinks!

Without further ado....
Sea Turtle Recovery necklace! Nice and slowwww!
Drops of recovery necklace!
Dream of peace bracelet.
Blossom into recovery necklace.
NA/AA Unity recovery bracelet.
Believe in Recovery Necklaces.
Peaceful Vibe bracelet.
Peaceful drops of luv earrings.
Peaceful waves earrings.
Butterflies are Free to fly Recovery Necklace.
Bling a Ling a Ling Recovery Bracelets.
Clean Recovery Bling bracelet.
Recovery Bling luv bracelet.
Three sided Peace earrings.
More recovery bling bling bracelets.
Live in the moment Recovery bracelet.
Wing and prayer recovery bracelet.
Coppery Lights Recovery Bracelet.
Sober is Sexy Bracelet.
Key to Recovery Necklace.
Unlock your potential recovery bracelet.
Persistence Goldfish bracelet. SOLD
Whooo's for peace bling bracelet.
Believe in peace bracelet.

That's a month worth of designs!!! Sorry for photo overload!! All are available in my Etsy Shoppe!

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