November Goals Update!

Well now is the time to rat myself out on where I am with my November Goals.

Blog Goalz for November.... 
1. 3x week blog posting UPDATE Ck did it!  

2. Photo A Day in November from Fat Mum Slim  UPDATE Ck did it!

3. Do a Fun Giveaway  UPDATE Fail. Doing this in Dec.

4. Start Thankful Thursday regular weekly post.  UPDATE Ck did it! Thankful 30 day in pics!

5. Share fun, easy weekly DIY Holiday Vibe! UPDATE Kinda did it. 1 DIY

Personal Goalz for November... 

1. Stick with Candida Free Diet  UPDATE Fail. Next Month.

2. Move 25-30 mins daily w Weights  UPDATE FAIL. Ran and did some walking not consistant. Next Month.

3. Meditate, Pray, read my daily meditation books.  UPDATE Kinda. Meditated 3-4 days week and read my meditation books more then not.

4. Put 25% of my income in savings every week .  UPDATE Fail. Next Month. Period.

5. Use Question a day 5 year Journal. UPDATE Pass! Fun!

Bizz Goalz November.... 

1. Relist 5-10 items daily on Etsy.  UPDATE Kinda. A couple times a week....

2. Find a Online resource to advertise. UPDATE Fail Next Month.

3. Update 5-10 new pieces weekly.  UPDATE Pass!!

4. Make Up 25 TY bags that are included with purchase.  UPDATE Pass! Reordered more ship supplies.

5. Do some giveaways on other blogs. UPDATE kinda. Dec 1st Giveaway.

Pretty good on my goalz this month. Carry thru to next month. And maybe some fun goalz next month!

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