November, I got a date with you!

I see feel a vibrant change with some unseasonally cool weather here in Central Florida and the Holidays fast approaching!

Blog Goalz for November....
1. 3x week blog posting
2. Photo A Day in November from Fat Mum Slim
3. Do a Fun Giveaway
4. Start Thankful Thursday regular weekly post.
5. Share fun, easy weekly DIY Holiday Vibe!

Personal Goalz for November...
1. Stick with Candida Free Diet
2. Move 25-30 mins daily w Weights
3. Meditate, Pray, read my daily meditation books.
4. Put 25% of my income in savings every week .
5. Use Question a day 5 year Journal.

Bizz Goalz November....
1. Relist 5-10 items daily on Etsy.
2. Find a Online resource to advertise.
3. Update 5-10 new pieces weekly.
4. Make Up 25 TY bags that are included with purchase.
5. Do some giveaways on other blogs.

I think my goalz are very doable and it's going to be a wonderful November 2012!

What are your Goalz this month?

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