November Photo a Day Finale

Here's the second half of the Instagram Photo a Day by Fat Mum Slim.
Day 16. The view from your window. At my clients home! Pretty!
Day 17. The last thing you bought. A Orchid Topaz Bracelet on Ebay!
Day 18. Happened this weekend. Creating Healthy Veggie Meals for my Alzhemiers Client.
Day 19. Something awesome. The beach in our town.
Day 20. Work/Play. Work making healthy meals for clients. Play my Jewelry Design Bizz.
Day 21. What you wore. Distressed wide leg levi's and silver metalliac bob's shoes.
Day 22. Grateful. I live where Palm Trees are plentiful.
Day 23. Black. The mood in Brevard County when the last Shuttle lifted off the launchpad.
Day 24. A sound you heard. The swooshing sound from my clients ceiling fan.
Day 25. Sky. The beauty of a Florida Fall sky.
Day 26. In the cupboard. A healthy Veggie Breakfast from my cupboard thanks to hubby.
Day 27. Trees. Gorgeous sunset near banana river with beautiful Palm Trees.
Day 28. Vehicle. The backend of my VW Bug.
Day 29. Big. Swimming with the dolphins upclose they are big & beautiful!
Day 30. On the Wall. A lotus flower art piece created by a recovery artist. Phewww! I did it!

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