November Photo a Day Week One

I decided to commit again to photo a day this month started by Fat Mum Slim at the beginning of the year. Well I'm keeping up with it and wanted to share the first week.
Day 1: Something beginning with a C. Car Trip to Delray with my Coconut Water!
Day 2: Color. Stained Glass Window in the Morrocan area of Epcot Disney.
Day 3: Breakfast. Coconut Water and a Apple.
Day 4: TV. The Johnny Cash Show. We got Netflix DVD that day and were diggin the show!
Day 5: Five O'clock. I was checking out my Daily Planner peeking into tommorow.
Day 6: Favorite thing. My Alcoholics Anonymous Book referred to as the Big Book. Saved my life.
Day 7: Reflection. A photo I snapped in the mirror in a corner. I

I'm really enjoying doing this everyday!!!

My Instagram name is Sunshine Bliss Studio.

Are you doing anything new and fun this month? -Shanti

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