November Photo a Day Week Two

Second installment of this fun monthly photo challenge!
Day 8. Something I do everyday. I check my Instagram Peeps on my Samsung 5.0 Media player!
Day 9. Small. More favorite stud earrings! Mystic Topaz.
Day 10. Something you won't (can't) live without! Dreams, dreaming, dreamer thats me!
Day 11. Nite. Sundae Nite NA study meeting is my ritual afterwork on Sundaes!
Day 12. Drink. Coconut Water in the Can from Miami. We buy it by the case!
Day 13. Where I slept. Our Ikea Platform bed with Vintage 70's blankets and orange and pink sheets!
Day 14. Man Made. Morrocan Jewelry with headpiece from Epcot Orlando.
Day 15. In my bag. Here goes! Mark by Avon Gold Metalliac Cosmetic bag. Owl compact mirror, Aubreys Organic lip gloss, Betsey Johns metalliac zebra wallet, Kindle, two pair glasses, cleaning cloth, Pacifica Coconut nectar hand lotion, Pacifica Tahatian Gardenia perfume roll on, Sr Bronners Organic Lavender hand sanitizer, Olbo's natural inhaler.

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