November Thankful 30

Another week of Gratitude baby!
Day 12. Grateful for Eastern philosophy.
Day 13. Thankful for Soul Sistahs that luv me and gift giving we do year round. This is Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Pulse point perfume & hand lotion!
Day 14. To be able to bare my toes in mid November! And be totally comfy!
Day 15. So thankful for my Studio. It keeps me sane!!!
Day 16. Thankful for the rooms of AA. Saved my life!
Day 17. Humbly eternally grateful for my 13 years 10 months of being clean and sober.
Day 18. Grateful for my independent, ornary elder Shihtzu Karma. She teaches me acceptance!

I have a bizzilion blessings and count my lucky stars!! -Luv Shanti

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