November Thankful 30

Final 12 days of Gratitude in photos.
Day 19. Thankful for Hubby's kewl family!
Day 20. For Bill W and Doctor Bob.
Day 21. For Hubby!
Day 22. For beautiful beach less then fifteen minutes away!
Day 23. For finding one of my passions jewelry design.
Day 24. For the Ocean touching my toes.
Day 25. Thankful for living insuch a gorgeous place. Vacation=roadtrip!
Day 26. Thankful for my new Kindle HD Fire! What a gorgeous way to read!
Day 27. Thankful for my view out the front door! Beautiful Florida Fawna.
Day 28. Thankful for being able to read and comprehend!
Day 29. Thankful for huge in ground fire pit in our backyard!
Day 30. Thankful for our Blendtec Blender and all the organic healthy juices hubby makes!

And the zillion bajillion other things I have gratitude for!!!

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