Sassy or Silly Sundae!

Happy November!

November's Subtle Changes on our street.

I had a nice busy week filled with unseasonably cool cold (brrrrr) temps and then toasty, down right warm hot late summer days! How's a grrl to dress?!!

Welcome to the new weekly series, week 2 of Sassy or Silly Sundae

Here as promised is the weekly Instagram photos I took! You decide!
Cool weather brings out colorful toe socks! Sassy or Silly???
Hubby trying on cute owl cap at Mall! Sassy or Silly?
Happy Late Summer Weather Shoes! Sassy or Silly?
Two UPS Trucks rubbing bottoms! Sassy or Silly?

You decide! Do you have any Sassy or Silly moments this week?

Also if your on Instagram let me know I'd luv to follow! I'm Sunshine Bliss Studio!

Ciao for Now!


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