The Road to Woodstock and Peace

Fall has me cre8ting some (imho) magic! At least in the studio!!!

I just finished reading on my Kindle the book "The Road to Woodstock" I do recommend it, it's quite a journey! You can pick it up thru Amazonby Michael Lang
And it really reinforced my belief that we are all one and peace is the only way! Hence reflected in my latest design vibe!
Peace is the Only Way Hand stamped, forged and designed Bracelet.
Believe in your recovery hand forged and designed 12 step necklace.
Can you hear the peace in the breeze hand forged Copper Briolette Crystal drop earrings.
Peace in the middle of my heart hand forged Copper Briolette Crystal drop earrings.
Peace in my dreams hand forged mixed metal bracelet.
Simple Rudraksha Japa Mala Prayer Hindu Seed on metalliac golden leather bracelet that reminds me Thank my Higher Power. That I wear daily.
NA & AA Unity Mixed Metal Handforged Bracelet. For those of us who like both programs.

I've got more pieces I just haven't had the time to photograph them so it's for next week!

May you feel peace in the air and remember to rock the VoTe!

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