December, I got a date with you.....

New Monthly Gig.

I like how it felt last month and saw alot some progress in areas of my life that I need want more focus.

Dec. Blog Goalz
1. Update my blog 3x wkly.
2. Two Holiday DIY's.
3. Start New Series.
4. Do a Giveaway.

Dec. Personal Goalz
1. Move/stretch 4-5 Times a week.
2. Meditate 4-5 times a week.
3. Cut down on sugar.
4. Regular meeting schedule.

Dec. Bizz Goalz
1. Renew 5-6 items on Etsy daily.
2. Design five new pieces weekly.
3. Find recovery store outlets.
4. Organize Studio.
5. Update brand?

Of course fun goalz are glitter & laughter & hugs!

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