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Happy Hanukkah! Late

definitely late on this post. But none-the-less happy Hannukah stays in my heart. For the full month of December.
As I remember my ancestors and what they had to do to get where we are today. I enjoyed Hanukkah and even though we didn't do the gifts we will open our gifts on Christmas Day. it's a great part of my life now and I truly enjoy it.

21 DAYS of Selfies.

Ok my truths are that I'm way behind! Playing catch up today! I didn't meet my goal of 30 days of selfies in November on Instagram. I barely irked out 21!
I had a hard time remembering, feeling inspired and doing follow thru. I'm a bit disappointed I didn't do full 30 days! But 21.....
Week 2. Day 8. Worky tired but amused!
Day 9. Meditative Mode.....
Day 10. My new sweatshirt. Says it all!
Day 11. Holiday madness is already starting!
Day 12. Stylin. Thrifted velvet black jacket w crystal rhinestone buttons!
Day 13. Fav owl mug!
Day 14. Sparkly Glittery Nails w my Vintage Holiday Magazine!
Day 15. Relaxing with Snoopy♥.
Day 16. Me playing cuddly with Zen!
Day 17. Thanksliving. Thrifted Leopard print jacket!
Day 18. Karma not happy w me! Movember tribute!
Day 19. Leopard print toes!
Day 20. Movember tribute.
Day 21. No makeup. Tired. Prayer mode. V real. I must say I did get more comfortable taking pictures of myself.
And also honestly a lot of pho…

30 Days Of Selfies

November... I decided it was a gr8t time to get over being 50 and camera shy! This is the first week of pics...Still camera shy but starting to have fun!
The cooler weather is helping my creative juices flow!
and I'm looking forward to our Fall finally coming. I've also been designing a lot of new things not just for the holidays, it just feels like right now the creative juices are pouring out of moi! Week one! Day 1. Displaying fresh highlights and beaming smile..... Day 2. Hiding under my vintage Palm Springs Vintage Afghan! Day 3. Cynthia Rowley Glasses luv. Day 4. Sunny bright Florida luv! Day 5. Hiding behind my favorite fruit! Day 6. Goofing at work. Hair done w rag curlers. Day 7. Neighborhood dog and me. At my clients house. I'm still not comfortable with camera on me, hopefully I'll loosen up. Hopefully! Luv Shanti

Latest Fall Designs

Something about the "ideal" of Fall makes my creative juices flow!
Maybe relief from the long long hot summer or just the memory in my brain of Michigan Autumn's.
Leaves changing, apple cider from Michigan apples, big sweaters, etc.... And this Fall is no exception! I've been going crazy w creative lust! From new designs to a mini home makeover♡. Here's my latest designs via instagram!
NA bluesy beauty. Metallic Hematite beads and gorgeous bluesy glass focal bead w tiny NA symbol. ♥
AA golden leaf design. Again metallic hematite beads w unique leaf bracelet connector and AA symbol.♥
AA Vintage Luv design. Unique OX rhinestone large glass square pendant w vintage feel and AA, pearl and heart charms.
Bling Blue and green Buddha Mala Bracelet. Carved dyed howlite buddha head bead with rhinestone disco bead, glass beads and silky tassel. ♥
Ritzy OM Turquoise and Gold Buddha Mala Bracelet. Goldtone turquoise colored OM bracelet connector with gold hematite beads, s…

IPSY Glam Bag Luv!

October Glam bag: Zoya Giovanna Full size nail polish, Nourish Organic Coconut & Argan Body Lotion, Big Sexy Hair Blow dry volumizing gel, Oil-Free Face Cleanser LA Fresh, Buxom Full on lip polish and the cutiest make up bag! Cats out of the bag! I've been a member of IPSY for over 6 months now and I fall in love more each month with their glam bag.
I love makeup bags and I love products I've never tried before!
For only $10 a month it's a total win win!! I totally give this a huge thumbs up and recommend it!! Check it out here!

What's in da purse??

I luv doing this everyyyy so often! Like a fun trivial thang that makes me smile! ●Carlos Santana bag. I see more of his designs in my future! A ebay score! It has a leopard print lining! Luvvvvvvvv!
●Charming Charlie Kindle Turquoise leather and rhinestone case I adore.
●Hot pink see thru vinyl makeup bag, walmart. Great for finding items quickly!
●XOXO leopard and minty green wallet that doubles as a clutch! Hot pink roses interior! Has a neat secret zipper stash pocket! ●Carlos Santana Sunglasses. Zebra 1970's vibe.
●Emergen-C Cranberry Pomegranate Vit C fizzy drink mix. Luv it!
●Acrylic Nail File. File my nails when they get to claw like! LoL!
●Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia roll on fragrance. Refreshing after long day of work.
●Juice Beauty Organic Lip Gloss. Yummy!
●Owl contact eye case. Cute!
●Sample Black Mascara. Organic I think.
●Coppertone Tattoo Guard. SPF 50+. Great product!
●MBeze Ife deodorant. Portable for on go. Jasmine Flowers.
●City Color Cheek Stain. On go c…

What a Blissful Spa Day is for me!

Autumn is here, right? I wasn't sure cuz the weathers still very hot and muggy in Florida. Not complaining just saying. Life lately has been on the hectic side to say the least! Which translates into less peace and relaxation.
For me that can create stress! And stress can create sickness. So to balance out my busy lifestyle I have choices today that I never had before. I can choose to wind down or I can choose to just keep moving forward ignoring the stress. But for me that is a train wreck. I have a nice little recipe that I will share with you to relax and get peace back in my life. Blissful Day Recipe:
1 cup of herbal non caffeine tea.
1 set of comfortable pajamas.
A Kindle or favorite book.
2-3 of my favorite magazines.
A vegetable tray with organic blue cheese dressing.
Fresh fruit with honey as a dip.
Relaxing music playing in the background.
Warm organic coconut oil .
Favorite Skin healing mask.
Epson Salts. I start the day with a nice hot bath that I add eps…

Magazine Madness

Ok... ratting myself out I'm a total magazine junkieee! I love crafty, d.i.y. and delic magazines! And really I'll buy 3 to 4 at a time!
Outdoor design, indoor design I'm crazy for it all!!
I'm ready to take some me time, kick back drink a cup of tea and dream up new design on a dime ideas for our townhouse♥.

Debbie I'm sorry you had to go so soon...

You were a Earth Angel. Even to the end. Four days before your passing saying wise quips, and wanting me to know live in the moment. You touched so many, stayed so positive and busy. Like you knew you had limited time. You were a inspiration to everyone you meet. You never knew a stranger. You posted luv and positivity on your Facebook feed even whe cancer came back with a vengeance. There will never be another you. I luv you and the world is a little sadder without you.
dedicate this song to you. My sweet Angel 1960's Beach Boy Video The Warmth of the Sun Beach Boys What good is the dawn that grows into day
The sunset at night or living this way
For I have the warmth of the sun, within me at night
(Warmth of the sun, within me at night)
The love of my life she left me one day
I cried when she said, "I don't feel the same way"
Still I have the warmth of the sun, within me tonight
(Warmth of the sun, within me tonight)
I'll dreams of her arms and though they&…

Fall Into them Seasonal Changes

I'm Free Falling into Autumn! I luvvvv this time of year! It's the small weather changes in Florida. Not drastic at all.... But... I'm from up north. My internal clock notifies my brain and it's Fall in my heart and soul. Even after 20+ year's of being in Florida. I've got some fresh goals and fresh perspective. And I'm moving in a new direction. Positivity is filling my life and starting to brim over. Diet Changes:
●2 to 3 shots of Wheatgrass a day.
●EmergenC 2 x a day.
●Vegan (Almost)
●Cut way back on Gluten
●Cut way back on sweets
●Juicing 3 to 4 times a week
Results so far? Tummy pain getting better, energy building up and mind and heart clearing up. I'm planning on another round of colonics *been years* soon. Spiritual Changes:
●Child's Pose daily first thing with prayers.
●Louise Hay's Feeling Fine Affirmations 3 to 4 times a week.
●Take online class Be a Certified Angel Reader. Physical Changes:
●Letting my nails grow with acrylic…

Took A Break. Much Needed!

It's been quite awhile since I have posted. I've been so busy in my life that I had to prioritize and give up a few things. As with everyone there is a season. Now a new season, literally and figuratively! Fall!!! Ok not so much in New Smyrna Beach area yet, but I sense it's coming! I'm excited! Cause it means for me I'll be slowing down a bit and cre8ting more, relaxing a bit and sipping teas and reading a spell!!!! This was my view driving home from worky the other day. Around 7pm. The Florida fall sky! With this change of season is a internal change for me. I had a 3 month astrology chart done and it says I'm in for transformational changes. Like shake up your world changes! Hold on tight changes. So I'm preparing myself as well as anyone can. More prayer and meditation, change of diet, more positive input. I've been using my drive time to worky (30 minutes each way) to listen to Louise Hay's Feeling Fine Affirmations. I luv Louise. A…

Instagram Pics Feb

I am so dang addicted to Instagram! Still!! Here's Feb photo's and such! Custom Recovery Jewelry Orders My V Day Salute! Custom Recovery Jewelry Order that the Post Office Lost. Custom Recovery Jewelry Order My 14 Year AA Medallion made into a bracelet! Textgram this quote after seeing Amelia Earhart Movie with Richard Gere. She is one of my mentors! We did Vday dinner at World Famous Dixie Crossroads thats a Mile from my house! Caught a Squirrel praying on Sunday Morning! A friend texted me this saying had to textgram it! I hope your Feburary has been one filled with luv, real or imagined! -Shanti

Feburary Reading List

Beautiful Feburary Sunset! Wow! Feburary is about over and my blog has been very quiet! I have been busy in real time though and following thru with reading few books a month! Book One:
Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo What a great read! I didn't know what to expect. I savoured every bite. Life lessons thru all spiritual paths. Book Two:
Lunch With Buddha by Roland Merullo The follow up to Breakfast with Buddha. Goes deeper into the story. Ends too soon. Hope he writes another in the series. Here is the Authors Amazon Bio page with all his books! Happy End of Feburary! -Shanti