Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge

TY to Tracey Statler for Inspired Change: Wellness World Challenge!

This is right up my alley since most of what I design has to do with Messages, Healing and Luv!

For me it was no brainer. The bracelet I designed has the AA & NA symbol united together.
The copper and brass pieces I use are vintage or recycled. I hand sand, sand some more then epoxy and sand some more. Clear coat the piece and add copper chain, funky lobster claw. All in varying shades mixed metals.

The circle around the united symbol says love, dream, hope. trust.

My wellness words:

All things I chose to embrace this year. I am working toward 15 yrs of recovery. And I chose to love myself warts & all, dream bigger then ever, keep myself full of hope and trust in the process.

TY Tracey!!

Go to Make Bracelets Blog.com for the incredible list of others participating and enjoy all the beauty! Ciao Bella!

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