Debbie I'm sorry you had to go so soon...

You were a Earth Angel. Even to the end. Four days before your passing saying wise quips, and wanting me to know live in the moment. You touched so many, stayed so positive and busy. Like you knew you had limited time. You were a inspiration to everyone you meet. You never knew a stranger. You posted luv and positivity on your Facebook feed even whe cancer came back with a vengeance.

There will never be another you. I luv you and the world is a little sadder without you.
dedicate this song to you. My sweet Angel 1960's Beach Boy Video

The Warmth of the Sun Beach Boys

What good is the dawn that grows into day
The sunset at night or living this way
For I have the warmth of the sun, within me at night
(Warmth of the sun, within me at night)
The love of my life she left me one day
I cried when she said, "I don't feel the same way"
Still I have the warmth of the sun, within me tonight
(Warmth of the sun, within me tonight)
I'll dreams of her arms and though they're not real
Just like she's still there the way that I feel
My love like the warmth of the sun, it won't ever die
(Warmth of the sun, it won't ever die)

You are my warmth of the sun. I Luv U •Shanti

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