Fall Into them Seasonal Changes

I'm Free Falling into Autumn! I luvvvv this time of year! It's the small weather changes in Florida. Not drastic at all....

But... I'm from up north. My internal clock notifies my brain and it's Fall in my heart and soul. Even after 20+ year's of being in Florida.

I've got some fresh goals and fresh perspective. And I'm moving in a new direction. Positivity is filling my life and starting to brim over.

Diet Changes:
●2 to 3 shots of Wheatgrass a day.
●EmergenC 2 x a day.
●Vegan (Almost)
●Cut way back on Gluten
●Cut way back on sweets
●Juicing 3 to 4 times a week
Results so far? Tummy pain getting better, energy building up and mind and heart clearing up. I'm planning on another round of colonics *been years* soon.

Spiritual Changes:
●Child's Pose daily first thing with prayers.
●Louise Hay's Feeling Fine Affirmations 3 to 4 times a week.
●Take online class Be a Certified Angel Reader.

Physical Changes:
●Letting my nails grow with acrylic overlay. Done in Pink and whites.
●Getting regular pedicures. *instead of doing them myself.
●Partial Highlights every 6 to 8 weeks.
●Pilates 3 to 4 times a week.

Wardrobe Changes:
●Fall colors. maroon, black, forest green. More goldtone accessories.
●Splurged on Roxy linen pants in white and maroon.
●Bright outfits less and less.
●Sam Elderman flat sandals in silver, gold and ethic.

Reading Changes:
● Jackie, Ethel and Joan the Women of Camelot. Get it here
●Fatal Charms and Other Tales of Today by Dominick Dunne Get it here
●Madness under the Royal Palms. Get it here
I guess you could say I luv anything about Non Fiction Scandalous History, especially in Florida!

Ok, some of these changes seem very superficial. Well, maybe they are. But my outsides help me define my insides. And for me to take care of myself on the outside Is a huge step in self care and love. Better I take care of me the better I feel about me. And to be of optimum assistance to others I must put myself first.

for me Fall is starting to feel like more reading, less scurrying about. Tea and Pintrest. Fall jewelry designs with a deep jewel tone feel. Organizing, cleaning closets and donating. Yoga at home. Meditation group. Do more personal Angel readings. Start a Craft Circle. More Zebra in my home mixed with hot pink and red.

But really Autumn for me will be a time to reflect, renew and re invent myself. While helping and being of service to as many people I possible can. But to not forget I must take care of me first and foremost. And that's the most valuable lesson I can ever learn. And keep relearning!

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