Took A Break. Much Needed!

It's been quite awhile since I have posted. I've been so busy in my life that I had to prioritize and give up a few things. As with everyone there is a season. Now a new season, literally and figuratively!

Fall!!! Ok not so much in New Smyrna Beach area yet, but I sense it's coming! I'm excited! Cause it means for me I'll be slowing down a bit and cre8ting more, relaxing a bit and sipping teas and reading a spell!!!!

This was my view driving home from worky the other day. Around 7pm. The Florida fall sky!

With this change of season is a internal change for me. I had a 3 month astrology chart done and it says I'm in for transformational changes. Like shake up your world changes! Hold on tight changes. So I'm preparing myself as well as anyone can. More prayer and meditation, change of diet, more positive input.

I've been using my drive time to worky (30 minutes each way) to listen to Louise Hay's Feeling Fine Affirmations. I luv Louise. And Hay House. What a amazing woman. Acceptance is the key, on all levels for me. And truly I am re learning to embrace it. -Luv Shanti

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