What a Blissful Spa Day is for me!

Autumn is here, right? I wasn't sure cuz the weathers still very hot and muggy in Florida. Not complaining just saying.

Life lately has been on the hectic side to say the least! Which translates into less peace and relaxation.
For me that can create stress! And stress can create sickness.

So to balance out my busy lifestyle I have choices today that I never had before. I can choose to wind down or I can choose to just keep moving forward ignoring the stress. But for me that is a train wreck.

I have a nice little recipe that I will share with you to relax and get peace back in my life.

Blissful Day Recipe:
1 cup of herbal non caffeine tea.
1 set of comfortable pajamas.
A Kindle or favorite book.
2-3 of my favorite magazines.
A vegetable tray with organic blue cheese dressing.
Fresh fruit with honey as a dip.
Relaxing music playing in the background.
Warm organic coconut oil .
Favorite Skin healing mask.
Epson Salts.

I start the day with a nice hot bath that I add epson salts to. And I apply my favorite mask. I have relaxing music playing in the background. Breathe in and out deeply. As I breathe n I feel the healing energy of the universe and as I breath out I release my stress and tension. I ask my HP for a deeper level of peace and relaxation.
20 minutes and I'm usually cooked! I then apply warmed organic coconut oil all over even my face.
I put on my comfy pj's.
I find my "spot" in my home that resonates peace! Warm up my tea and relax. I usually like to spend 20 minutes doing the sound meditation AH. To manifest.
Hawaiian Huna Healing Prayer

Spend the rest of the day reading, listening to relaxing music, maybe even journaling. I also like to play with my Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. And have my healthy snacks. For dinner a Gazpacho soup. I make my relaxing day my raw food day too!

I stay off my phone (minus texting a bit) and unplug from Electronic Communication. Like a day of mental, emotional and spiritual detox!

This is something I will be doing twice monthly. More if possible. Just to keep me on even kiel! Luv Shanti

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