30 Days Of Selfies

November... I decided it was a gr8t time to get over being 50 and camera shy!

This is the first week of pics...

Still camera shy but starting to have fun!
The cooler weather is helping my creative juices flow!
and I'm looking forward to our Fall finally coming.

I've also been designing a lot of new things not just for the holidays, it just feels like right now the creative juices are pouring out of moi!

Week one!
Day 1. Displaying fresh highlights and beaming smile.....

Day 2. Hiding under my vintage Palm Springs Vintage Afghan!

Day 3. Cynthia Rowley Glasses luv.
Day 4. Sunny bright Florida luv!

Day 5. Hiding behind my favorite fruit!

Day 6. Goofing at work. Hair done w rag curlers.

Day 7. Neighborhood dog and me. At my clients house.

I'm still not comfortable with camera on me, hopefully I'll loosen up. Hopefully!



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