21 DAYS of Selfies.

Ok my truths are that I'm way behind! Playing catch up today!

I didn't meet my goal of 30 days of selfies in November on Instagram. I barely irked out 21!
I had a hard time remembering, feeling inspired and doing follow thru.

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't do full 30 days! But 21.....

Week 2. Day 8. Worky tired but amused!

Day 9. Meditative Mode.....

Day 10. My new sweatshirt. Says it all!

Day 11. Holiday madness is already starting!

Day 12. Stylin. Thrifted velvet black jacket w crystal rhinestone buttons!

Day 13. Fav owl mug!

Day 14. Sparkly Glittery Nails w my Vintage Holiday Magazine!

Day 15. Relaxing with Snoopy♥.

Day 16. Me playing cuddly with Zen!

Day 17. Thanksliving. Thrifted Leopard print jacket!

Day 18. Karma not happy w me! Movember tribute!

Day 19. Leopard print toes!

Day 20. Movember tribute.

Day 21. No makeup. Tired. Prayer mode. V real.

I must say I did get more comfortable taking pictures of myself.
And also honestly a lot of photos were taken on the same day. So they weren't done every single day for 21 days. But they are 21 different shots.
I still feel good about it.
But I have a ways to go with getting more comfortable.
My very last shot is very raw and I'm uncomfortable. I don't look good in it and I looked quite frankly tired.
That's another part of me. & I have to accept myself in all areas.

really doing Selfies is for me a part of learning more acceptance and deeper sense of love of myself!

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