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DIY Easy Wintery Peppermint Scrub

I dunno about you but I really enjoy a invigorating uplifting spa treatment this time of year sans diy. Today I'm going to share with you a super easy super yummy scrub for dry, dull winter skin that screams revitalize me! And you can substitute any tea! For each different season! I luv that! Wintery Peppermint Scrub
What you'll need:
Glass Jar with lid.
Peppermint tea
Coconut oil How to:
Fill jar with sugar.
Open & sprinkle tea bag over sugar.
Two tablespoons of coconut oil. Add more as needed. I like to keep a scoop or large spoon nearby. You can label jar or decorate! This is a wonderful scrub for your at home mani's or pedi's, full body invigorating during a juice cleanse or detox!

Next Issue Magazine Addicts Luv!

I recently feel hard... real hard for a new app/ subscription.. it was basically luv luv at first read♥ 1. Very green friendly. 2. Cuts down on clutter. 3. I can read magazine's anytime, anywhere. 4. No more missing issues. 5. Get to enjoy back issues!
This new App/Subscription is called Next Issue. And it's amazing!
First month is free. The have two different subscriptions you can sign up for. My Subscription: 131 magazines, $14.99 a month Get everything in the Basic plan plus unlimited access to popular weeklies including The New Yorker, People, Time and many more. Basic + Subscription 119 magazines, $9.99 a month Get unlimited access to the most-read monthly magazines, including Cooking Light, Esquire, Real Simple, Vanity Fair, Wired and many more Check it out here!YouTube VideoIf you luv luv magazines likey me you've gotta try it for one month free.

Winter Home Cleanse

Yep..... It's that time of year..... Releasing, letting go! New Year goals....New you! Simply Shanti's Winter Cleanse 1. Go thru drawers and closets and pull out everything you haven't worn, used or wanted in last 6 Months! Put friends pile, donate pile. Then go thru your wardrobe and put all hangers backwards. In 6 months you will re-evaluate what you didn't use. Release! 2. Re-evaluate your home furnishings. Are they tired and old? Do you need a update? Rearrange? Put in pile your favorite favorite things. That U LuV! Keep those items and release the rest. Only keep that which you luv. Period. 3. Go thru accessories. Same idea. If broken, worn, etc. Release. 4. Now with what you've decided to keep make it a point to integrate the items into your life. Re arrange your home. Use what you've decided to keep. Well back to my Winter Cleanse!

Rubber Moon Mail Club

I've got a treat to share today! Something fun and kinda retro that makes me look forward to the mailman!
Introducing. .... Rubber Moon Mail Club..... I've been known to join in on mail art exchanges, pen pals, etc. over the years. And I luv getting creative mail. Always!! So much fun!!! Well Kristen Powers aka Kae Pea is a incredible artist. And I've been blessed to purchase some of her stamps and artwork over the years. She is the owner of Rubber Moon Art Stamps...Gorgeous. Creative. Just like her! Check out the RMMC This is how the package comes! Cling on Stamps and inspiring papers and art! Can you put a price on this kinda creative fun? $10.00 month cheap!!! Can't wait till next month!

Gorgeous Faux Fur Leopard Jackets

I love old Hollywood! Especially the 50's 60's and 70's era!
My luv affair with a beautiful coat started...... Past week i was lucky enough to be near a Chico's Store. Luv them! Such a treat. Wonderful sales staff, and beautiful jewelry & clothing. Dream!
True story, my wallet, not so much!
I was truly blessed though and able to get 50 percent off on all their sale items. So I scored a few really cute pieces. For really good prices! Staple pieces I call them!! After getting home i decided to looky at the website.
Eeeck! I found something that is just spectacular!
Something I could have for a very very long time in my wardrobe. & I love that! Without further ado here is the jacket of my dreams.......
Gorgeous right? This thang of beauty is from their Black Label Designs. Luxurious looking.... Great with jeans and boots, simple black dress, black palazzo pants and leopard tee! Endless possibilities. It's a short jacket but warm enough for Florida's wi…

Channeling my inner Jackie

Jackie O that is. Fashion wise.
I've spent the last few months reading more on JFK and now Jackie since it was 50 years past November that Jack was assassinated.
Alot of new books, magazine's and articles on the subject. As I look at photos of Jackie I realize she has a similar look of my mother. Same hair texture and color, skin tone, similar style. My mom likes classic dress. My mom wears big sunglasses. My Mom @ 84yrs young! I also am moving more in that direction.
Discerning what I bring home to my closet. Will it last? Can I wear it a few years from now? Will it be a style still popular? Fashionable? Of course at this moment I don't have the deep pockets that Jackie O did. But I can still have a classic, hip style.
I'm really fine tuning my look. Must be the turning 50 last April thang..... I luv black, zebra, leopard, gold, silver and bronze. For winter of course.
One of my fav store's is Chico's. But I'm mad about thrifting good names. Somethin…

New Year New Me??

Wow did we just enter 2014? I think I blinked and missed it!
It went so fast 2013..... I'm glad but a bit sad time is truly flying! 2014..... Dreamer Doer
I picked two words for 2014. They connect to each other.
Dreamer I am that. Doer. Not always but this year is change!
I created a simple journal. I bought a inspiring book. I'm re-defining who Shanti is. Of course aren't we always redefining ourselves. Editing ourselves. Deleting and adding??? This is the year of filling in my blanks. Worrying less. Enjoying more. Simply Shanti. Thatz probably closer to what I would like to be....
More to come...Stay tuned!