Channeling my inner Jackie

Jackie O that is. Fashion wise.
I've spent the last few months reading more on JFK and now Jackie since it was 50 years past November that Jack was assassinated.
Alot of new books, magazine's and articles on the subject.

As I look at photos of Jackie I realize she has a similar look of my mother. Same hair texture and color, skin tone, similar style. My mom likes classic dress. My mom wears big sunglasses.
My Mom @ 84yrs young!

I also am moving more in that direction.
Discerning what I bring home to my closet. Will it last? Can I wear it a few years from now? Will it be a style still popular? Fashionable?

Of course at this moment I don't have the deep pockets that Jackie O did. But I can still have a classic, hip style.
I'm really fine tuning my look. Must be the turning 50 last April thang.....

I luv black, zebra, leopard, gold, silver and bronze. For winter of course.
One of my fav store's is Chico's.

But I'm mad about thrifting good names. Something my mom and I doubt Jackie were into.

As I redefine myself this year I'm excited to see what's around the corner! -Luv -Simply Shanti

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