DIY Easy Wintery Peppermint Scrub

I dunno about you but I really enjoy a invigorating uplifting spa treatment this time of year sans diy.

Today I'm going to share with you a super easy super yummy scrub for dry, dull winter skin that screams revitalize me! And you can substitute any tea! For each different season! I luv that!

Wintery Peppermint Scrub
What you'll need:
Glass Jar with lid.
Peppermint tea
Coconut oil

How to:
Fill jar with sugar.
Open & sprinkle tea bag over sugar.
Two tablespoons of coconut oil. Add more as needed.

I like to keep a scoop or large spoon nearby. You can label jar or decorate!

This is a wonderful scrub for your at home mani's or pedi's, full body invigorating during a juice cleanse or detox!

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