Gorgeous Faux Fur Leopard Jackets

I love old Hollywood! Especially the 50's 60's and 70's era!
My luv affair with a beautiful coat started......

Past week i was lucky enough to be near a Chico's Store. Luv them! Such a treat. Wonderful sales staff, and beautiful jewelry & clothing. Dream!
True story, my wallet, not so much!
I was truly blessed though and able to get 50 percent off on all their sale items. So I scored a few really cute pieces. For really good prices! Staple pieces I call them!!

After getting home i decided to looky at the website.
Eeeck! I found something that is just spectacular!
Something I could have for a very very long time in my wardrobe. & I love that!

Without further ado here is the jacket of my dreams.......

Gorgeous right?

This thang of beauty is from their Black Label Designs. Luxurious looking.... Great with jeans and boots, simple black dress, black palazzo pants and leopard tee! Endless possibilities. It's a short jacket but warm enough for Florida's winters!! Here is the link check it out

Drum roll....... The price is $189.00. Did I mention my wallet doesn't like Chico's? Like at all? Hmmmm... well out of my league.

I'm not one to give up easily! I go to my favorite place to find well that perfect something. Since.... I can't afford that perfect gorgeous Chico's jacket. Maybe an imitation? Or something similar? For quite a bit less!
That would be Ebay. I've found some gr8t new clothing purchases for much less then even Marshalls.

Draw back is figuring if size, and style will fit ...

Sometimes you just gotta dive in and take THAT chance!
Here's what I found!

I know I know its not the same jacket. Not even the same color reference. Or style. I totally get that.
But remember I'm trying to find something in my price range and sometimes that means color, style and design are going to be way different.

What it does have going for it is the same luxurious old Hollywood glamour feel. That's what I was going for. And I believe this piece has that.
They did show on one of the photos of the interior of the jacket was a luxurious polyester high quality lining. & I like the big bell arms on it.

Also it's a Moda International piece. Same company that does Victoria Secrets Coat designs. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Lol.

Drum roll.... Price: $34.00. I won the bid at $24.00 but $10.00 to ship!

Can't wait photos to come!!!

Did I mention my wallet luvs Ebay? They got a little thing going on... I think it maybe serious! Lol

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