Winter Home Cleanse

Yep..... It's that time of year..... Releasing, letting go! New Year goals....New you!

Simply Shanti's Winter Cleanse

1. Go thru drawers and closets and pull out everything you haven't worn, used or wanted in last 6 Months! Put friends pile, donate pile. Then go thru your wardrobe and put all hangers backwards. In 6 months you will re-evaluate what you didn't use. Release!

2. Re-evaluate your home furnishings. Are they tired and old? Do you need a update? Rearrange? Put in pile your favorite favorite things. That U LuV! Keep those items and release the rest. Only keep that which you luv. Period.

3. Go thru accessories. Same idea. If broken, worn, etc. Release.

4. Now with what you've decided to keep make it a point to integrate the items into your life. Re arrange your home. Use what you've decided to keep.

Well back to my Winter Cleanse!

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