Shanti's Serene Saturday

I don't know about you but the last few weeks of my life have been to say the least overwhelming.
I've had lots of beautiful things happen, I've had some disappointing things happen, and in between.
I haven't had a really a chance to catch my breath. And that's what today is for.

Do I ever need today. I celebrated 15 years recovery a few weeks ago, yeah. I Had a wonderful celebration with beautiful people in my life. Who I love and adore.
I joined Weight Watchers this year. It was a gift for 2014. And I'm starting to lose weight. Even other people are noticing!
We've decided to move back to Titusville. In one weeks time.

Now the time is to rest my mind for a day before the chaos of moving sets in....

The good thing is it's only stuff. A house doesn't make a home and it only matters that wherever we are we're together.
Reading and meditating on letting go of attachments really helps me with this.

Today I journal. Today I read on how to live a balanced life. Today I read on manifesting. Eat healthy + think healthy = feeling healthy. Time for a reprieve from life♥

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