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Short Hair DON'T Care♡

Yep. Thatz me. Did it. Done. Back in the groove.Short Pixie cut. Easiest ever take care of. And so cool on my neck.
Like very!

New Summer Cut

Before new highlights

Cut before Pixie

Haven't Had A Voice

I love Blogging. And everything it represents.

I've been doing it for a very long time.

I go thru ebbs and flows like we all do. But my recent break from blogging really saddened me.

I didn't feel like I had a voice for blogging.

I thought I had nothing to say. I felt empty.

It was very bad for me.

Because even those times are worth blogging about. Maybe even more than when it just flows.

I know i need to share my truths. So that's when I'm going to start doing. And I'll do the best I can with it. As a come out of this funk for lack of a better word.