Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Short hair Don't Care part two

Now that I've had shorthair for a little over six months I can say I'm really enjoying it! It's not so much the hair cut as it is the color that I keep changing! It just seem like I can't get the right shade of blonde for my skin color, eyes etc.

It also could be that I'm not a natural blonde it has to come from a bottle aka highlights or all over color.


My stylist I call her because every time Sandy see's my hair she's like we must trim it our tweak this color or that. She's really good and I luv her! Finally my haircut is growing out from the cruise fiasco where I had my hair trimmed or should I say chopped in November.

Just wanted to post the variations on the cut and the color LOL I do love a good pixie, but for me I'd like it to be a longer look.

I'm truly not narcissus lol. I know this is lots of selfies of me. Just really about hair and what we grow through (lol) to sometimes get look we want!

Initial cut all my highlights went bye bye :(

Highlights added but only on top!

In St Marteen two tone look not so much!

Opps Serbian cutie cute it too short! Nice highlights though!!!

Winter pallor and cut growing out! Highlights needing touch up! But closer to style I want!

Color WAY too light for me! And for some reason curls coming back! Sad face!

Yeppers! Really really blonde!

TY Sandy! Darker shades mixed in! Great job!

Purrfect! Darker w light and cut growing out!

This is the cute I initially wanted! Not color (for me!) luv it!! Now want a longer version!

Jessica Simpson wearing one of her signature wigs! That's the cut too! Luv it on her also!