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Cruise Mania 💜

I've been absent again because I lost my voice. Summer in Florida for me wears me out, no complaints but I don't really thrive in Summer here. But I absolutely adore my home state and can't say enough good about it!

We're seriously blessed to live in a state and vicinity so close to a Port! Literally a 30 minute drive! So the allure of cruising for me is huge!!!

In the last year we've went on four cruises. Though none longer then five nites. It absolutely resets my internal calm clock! Restful, healing, peaceful and so easy to be.

The big news is that I booked us a eight nite cruise to western Caribbean in November for our 12 year anniversary. It's been that long?! Right?!!!

Super duper excited!!!!
IF we luv eight nites I then want to try fourteen. My goal is to do the fifty nite cruise outta Miami that goes to Europe! And cost is only $5500! Would be the trip of a lifetime!!!!! Only goes out once year in October. I'm not a fan of flying so this is purrfect for…