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Falling into a new season

Been sooooo long since my last blog post! I'm so excited for fall! I've gotten so much cute hippie clothes for fall that I'm just waiting!!! Hot here and sunny!!

Looks this season are awesome for someone like me! Lots of fringe, moleskin, ripped jeans, cool chunky boots, and more!

I think for women over 50 they can absolutely utilize the latest trends it's just whatever you feel vibes with your style! Dress whatever age you choose to as long as it looks stylish on you and fits your vibe!!

Today I wanted to show some examples of the items originally purchased that I know I'm just gonna love for fall in Florida!

Luv this jacket! Fringe arms and back in moleskin! I do plus sizes I'm a size 12. $21.99 G Stage Shoppe

Just luv this can't wait to wear them!!!! I signed up and got them for 75% off! Just Fab

Luv luv these! Most comfy ever jeans! Kmart has them!! Bongo Jeans!! $19 Bongo Jeans!

Our local Mall in Daytona Beach is finally getting an H&M and it should be op…

Bday Blues?!

I started day a bit down... Then my bestie sang me happy bday on phone, went to pool with me and got me such luvly gifties!

Then my new sponsee and her hubby got my beautiful flowers delivered to me!

Hubster has plans for tommorow since I'm working my bday!

How can I not feel happy?!

- Shanti

Happy Easter Luv

Happy Easter Bliss!

Courtesy of Readly App

Courtesy of Homemaker Magazine


Easter Inspirations!

As Easter approaches this year I'm feeling the sense of renewal it brings for me. I've been on a sugar cleanse and going thru the usual yucky detox feelings.... But knowing there is HOPE! That to me is what Easter means!

And without further ado here is so gorgeous, fun and creative Easter Inspirations!

Luv Swedish Styling! Easter simplicity! Courtesy H&G Magazine

Another Understated Easter Setting! Courtesy H&G Magazine

Gorgeous Bronze Egg! Courtesy of Readly App

So easy and cute to create! Courtesy Love to Make Magazine

Fresh Inspirations! Somerset Life Magazine

More inspiration! Courtesy of Somerset Life Magazine

Nail polish Easter color luv! Courtesy of Readly App

Paper craft inspiration! Courtesy of Card making and paper craft magazine!

I hope this pages from assorted magazines inspire you as much as they do me!


Springtime Inspiration

In Florida were already moving towards summer with the weather lately!
Springtime is my favorite time of year especially here in Florida!
Probably because it was the time of year I was born.

To me of course Springtime is renewal but it's also time of year for colors. sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuits, flip-flops and the beach! Not necessarily in that order. I love there's new possibilities in the air! For inspiration during this time of year I looked for nature, colors, and fashion.
Here's a few things I've found inspiring!

Total colors for a happy spring vibe! Simply Crochet Magazine

Crochet some fresh fruity coasters courtesy of Simply Crochet Magazine

Beautiful fun! House to home magazine

Fun!!! Creative Steps Magazine

Gorgeous Springtime nail bliss! Pinterest

- Shanti

Happy St Patty's Day 2015!

Just wanted to post green goodies today! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day with all things beautiful and green! May your day be wonderful and full of green inspiration!

From last Year! I hit Replay! Lol

Last Year our water view with lots of green!

From magazine Love Patchwork and Quilting! Luv lime green!

From Amazing Wellness Magazine! Luv green bananas!

From Ideal Home and Garden! Fav India Mag!

Another page from Ideal Home and Garden! Beautiful chest!

Beautiful Sprouts! From Handarbete and Pyssel

From Swedish Magazine Handarbete & Pyssel! Luv these can lights with retro album cover decals!

Ideal Home and Garden Magazine, luv cucumber water can't wait to try!


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Weekend Inspiration

I always think spring time weekends in Florida should be snacking, watching Netflix marathons, crafting, going to the beach, working out at the Y, and sitting in a hammock in the afternoon reading a luscious book!

What do my weekends ally look like? Extra sleep, watching marathon Netflix shows, going to the Y, getting a bit of sun and lots of snacking.

Well my New Year's resolution is to change that crafting fun in the mix LOL! And here's an inspiration for this weekend!

Blow a wish!

Definitely beaching it!

Yes please!

Try this gorgeous piece! Courtesy of Simply Crochet Magazine

Luv my Bahamas! And that hammock! True inspiration! Courtesy of Islands Magazine

Yes please! Courtesy of Crafts Beautiful Magazine

Ombré Garland luv! Courtesy of Simply Crochet Magazine

Wow! inspired! Courtesy of Simply Crochet Magazine

Luv this pendant! Courtesy of Simply Crochet Magazine

Ready......Set..........Go! Or as we say it locally...... 3.......2..........1.......... Blast off!


Creativebug Awesomeness!

I'm a big fan of online craft classes! You can watch them at your convenience in your pajamas with a cup of tea or sitting outside in the cabana! Sweet!

I've been a long time member of Craftsy online classes! with Craftsy you purchase a class one at a time. Craftsy does have sales and sometimes as much as half-price off and you keep the courses for the rest of your life! Like I have classes from three years ago. That I haven't watched yet, and I plan on doing this year!!

But with Creativebug it's a little different. You join for $4.95 a month!!! I know isn't that cheap or what! And you get to view unlimited classes. And during your month of viewing you can download one class for free that you keep for the rest of your life. I like that because I can view the class and decide if it's something that I do you want to own.
There are so many classes on Creativebug! And they seem to fit me better. I feel like it's more like aka Molly Makes magazine approved site (l…

Short hair Don't Care part two

Now that I've had shorthair for a little over six months I can say I'm really enjoying it! It's not so much the hair cut as it is the color that I keep changing! It just seem like I can't get the right shade of blonde for my skin color, eyes etc.

It also could be that I'm not a natural blonde it has to come from a bottle aka highlights or all over color.


My stylist I call her because every time Sandy see's my hair she's like we must trim it our tweak this color or that. She's really good and I luv her! Finally my haircut is growing out from the cruise fiasco where I had my hair trimmed or should I say chopped in November.

Just wanted to post the variations on the cut and the color LOL I do love a good pixie, but for me I'd like it to be a longer look.

I'm truly not narcissus lol. I know this is lots of selfies of me. Just really about hair and what we grow through (lol) to sometimes get look we want!

Initial cut all my highlights went…