2014 Cruise Bliss pics

2014 we were so blessed! We went on three different cruises out of Port Canaveral! One to choose the Bahamas! Love that place! Another to the Bahamas and the Turks Caicos (my fav!) and another cruise to the Western Caribbean!
It was a blessed year absolutely!

Freeport Locale Market!

Carnival Cruise Private Island in Bahamas!


Styx Concert on Carnival Cruise!!

St Marteen luv!!!

More St Marteen and Starbucks in Puerto Rico!

Turks/Caicos again 💜💜💜

Beautiful view of Turks!

As you can see I didn't take a lot of pictures! But memories are embedded in our hearts minds and souls! We were so blessed to go on these cruises last year! And who knows what this year will bring!


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