Creativebug Awesomeness!

I'm a big fan of online craft classes! You can watch them at your convenience in your pajamas with a cup of tea or sitting outside in the cabana! Sweet!

I've been a long time member of Craftsy online classes! with Craftsy you purchase a class one at a time. Craftsy does have sales and sometimes as much as half-price off and you keep the courses for the rest of your life! Like I have classes from three years ago. That I haven't watched yet, and I plan on doing this year!!

But with Creativebug it's a little different. You join for $4.95 a month!!! I know isn't that cheap or what! And you get to view unlimited classes. And during your month of viewing you can download one class for free that you keep for the rest of your life. I like that because I can view the class and decide if it's something that I do you want to own.
There are so many classes on Creativebug! And they seem to fit me better. I feel like it's more like aka Molly Makes magazine approved site (lol). It's creative yet loose and not super, super structured, which fits me! Because some of the things I want to learn are off the beaten path. And I like teachers that are that way also!

Stash building for quilting!

Shadow Box designing

Decorate Umbrella

Learn line drawing

Art Journaling

Granny Square Fun

Talisman Jewelry

Sew a cute mushroom

Leathercraft basics

Sooooo I'm super excited I did just re join. I was a member about a year ago and it was $10 a month. And I've been thinking about joining Creativebug again but I didn't know if I could justify the $10 since I didn't always have time in the month to learn a new skill. But being they reduced to $4.95 it's doable! If I only download one free class a month and maybe view a simple class each month I'm fine with that and that seems really really awesome! Like I can totally afford that. That's like a Starbucks chai tea for me! Oh that's another thing if I go to Starbucks or any coffeehouse have a little tea I could watch my class while I'm sipping tea and enjoying the day! Sounds like bliss to me!

- Shanti

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