My favorite craft magazines Right Now!

I've been so consumed lately w a awesomenessssss app called Readly. It's $10 month and offers a bum load of magazines on my iPad, iphone! I'm in heaven because magazines are my addiction! There are weekly magazines as well as international magazines! 
Ok here's the crafty magazines bliss!

I had never seen this magazine before! British crafty yum! 

Luv this British Crafty Magazine also! Great Etsy seller tips!

Seeing a theme here? Another British Crafty Magazine! Great Crochet inspiration! 

Also a great British Craft Magazine that's transcends Borders! Luv'd it for years!

Not sure what it means! I believe it's Swedish! Ok I don't understand it but photos are great and such amazing crafty designs! I luv it!!

Wonderful Crochet Magazine that inspires a wannabe like me!

Australian Jewelry designer magazine that is great for beginners and fun to read!

That's pretty much it for now! As you can see it's a great assortment of international magazines! And keeps me busy with back issues that you can read also! I save lots and lots of photos that you can put onto your photo sharing! So readily is a great app I totally recommend it and will be posting wonderful inspirational pages from these magazines


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