Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Falling into a new season

Been sooooo long since my last blog post! I'm so excited for fall! I've gotten so much cute hippie clothes for fall that I'm just waiting!!! Hot here and sunny!!

Looks this season are awesome for someone like me! Lots of fringe, moleskin, ripped jeans, cool chunky boots, and more!

I think for women over 50 they can absolutely utilize the latest trends it's just whatever you feel vibes with your style! Dress whatever age you choose to as long as it looks stylish on you and fits your vibe!!

Today I wanted to show some examples of the items originally purchased that I know I'm just gonna love for fall in Florida!

Luv this jacket! Fringe arms and back in moleskin! I do plus sizes I'm a size 12. $21.99 G Stage Shoppe

Just luv this can't wait to wear them!!!! I signed up and got them for 75% off! Just Fab

Luv luv these! Most comfy ever jeans! Kmart has them!! Bongo Jeans!! $19 Bongo Jeans!

Our local Mall in Daytona Beach is finally getting an H&M and it should be open around Thanksgiving??? Pretty excited I love their clothes prices etc. I have lots more new pieces I'll be showing in the future but those are my three right now favorites. And I'm sure you can see why!

OK fall time to show up now!!!